What I’ve Found in New York City

It’s been a month since I moved to New York city. I love the city so much. Despite the fact that I have to adapt to new culture, which is completely different in San Francisco, I enjoy this fast-paced and intense suit up working environment. I’m living in Brooklyn’s Chinatown which is best to fix my Asian food craving. The best part of this neighbourhood is that I can find a number of Malaysia food and cooking materials.

Here are some of the Malaysian goodies that I’ve found here and of course, some have become my current obsessions:


  1. Gold Kili Ginger Drink (USD$5.00 per package) – best consumed during winter season to keep the body warm and during PMS.
  2.  Tean’s Gourmet Crispy Prawn Chilli  (USD$3.50 per bottle)– my current FAVOURITE for my home cook. ChilI, dried prawns, shallots, garlic, dried anchovies, sugar, salt and fried in oil. Here‘s the link for a yumilicious food with this crispy prawn chilli.
  3. 100plus (USD$1.00 per can) – if you know me well, I am not a soda person. The only carbonated drink I consume is 100 plus, an isotonic drink manufactured by Fraser & Leave Limited. Hundred plus is a huge thing in Malaysia due to Dr. Lee Chong Wei endorsement. Sadly, it’s hard to find it in oversea. So, a dollar for this small bottle worth for the taste.
  4. Haw Flakes candy (山楂餅) (USD$0.79 per package)– this reminds me of my mum’s pastry. Every year, she will bake haw flakes cake for Chinese New Year celebration. I still remember that I used to complain how boring the cake is with haw flakes. I wouldn’t imagine I bought it years later after staying 9,358 miles away from home
  5. Maggi Asam Laksa (USD$3.50 per package)– my top favourite instant noodle from Maggi.
  6.  Mykuali Penang White Curry (USD$4.50 per package) – best consumed in this cold weather. This instant noodle is ranked in the Top 10 World Best Instant Noodle. For more info, click here.
  7. 如记煲仔面Clay Noodles (USD$3.00 per package) – Imported from Balakong, Selangor! I used to have it every day during my final undergraduate year. This is a Hong Kong style cooking with a very light taste of chicken/seafood/pork broth.

I’m definitely a noodle person but I’ve had not eaten instant noodles for years, not even during my undergraduate. I just don’t like the concept of instant. However, I have no idea why I am so into these two instant noodles after moving to New York city. Perhaps, homesick?!

According to XE.com, 1 USD = RM4.4348. So, do your own maths. I know it’s hell expensive after converting. So, you know what to bring when you’re visiting me next time! haha. Anyways, if you’ve any Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia food/restaurant recommended, drop me a message, please. I’d love to try it out! If you know someone who is good in cooking Malaysian/Singaporean/Indonesian food, connect us!


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