What I’ve Found in New York City

It’s been a month since I moved to New York city. I love the city so much. Despite the fact that I have to adapt to new culture, which is completely different in San Francisco, I enjoy this fast-paced and intense suit up working environment. I’m living in Brooklyn’s Chinatown which is best to fix my Asian food craving. The best part of this neighbourhood is that I can find a number of Malaysia food and cooking materials.

Here are some of the Malaysian goodies that I’ve found here and of course, some have become my current obsessions:


  1. Gold Kili Ginger Drink (USD$5.00 per package) – best consumed during winter season to keep the body warm and during PMS.
  2.  Tean’s Gourmet Crispy Prawn Chilli  (USD$3.50 per bottle)– my current FAVOURITE for my home cook. ChilI, dried prawns, shallots, garlic, dried anchovies, sugar, salt and fried in oil. Here‘s the link for a yumilicious food with this crispy prawn chilli.
  3. 100plus (USD$1.00 per can) – if you know me well, I am not a soda person. The only carbonated drink I consume is 100 plus, an isotonic drink manufactured by Fraser & Leave Limited. Hundred plus is a huge thing in Malaysia due to Dr. Lee Chong Wei endorsement. Sadly, it’s hard to find it in oversea. So, a dollar for this small bottle worth for the taste.
  4. Haw Flakes candy (山楂餅) (USD$0.79 per package)– this reminds me of my mum’s pastry. Every year, she will bake haw flakes cake for Chinese New Year celebration. I still remember that I used to complain how boring the cake is with haw flakes. I wouldn’t imagine I bought it years later after staying 9,358 miles away from home
  5. Maggi Asam Laksa (USD$3.50 per package)– my top favourite instant noodle from Maggi.
  6.  Mykuali Penang White Curry (USD$4.50 per package) – best consumed in this cold weather. This instant noodle is ranked in the Top 10 World Best Instant Noodle. For more info, click here.
  7. 如记煲仔面Clay Noodles (USD$3.00 per package) – Imported from Balakong, Selangor! I used to have it every day during my final undergraduate year. This is a Hong Kong style cooking with a very light taste of chicken/seafood/pork broth.

I’m definitely a noodle person but I’ve had not eaten instant noodles for years, not even during my undergraduate. I just don’t like the concept of instant. However, I have no idea why I am so into these two instant noodles after moving to New York city. Perhaps, homesick?!

According to XE.com, 1 USD = RM4.4348. So, do your own maths. I know it’s hell expensive after converting. So, you know what to bring when you’re visiting me next time! haha. Anyways, if you’ve any Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia food/restaurant recommended, drop me a message, please. I’d love to try it out! If you know someone who is good in cooking Malaysian/Singaporean/Indonesian food, connect us!


Top 3 Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco


I met a Malaysian restaurant owner when I was in New York a few months ago. I was being told that there’s a restaurant at East Village where sales increase at least 30% with 500 reviews at Yelp. There’s a salon run by two Chinese sisters where it became one of the popular salons in East Village due to the good reviews and pictures. It started from walk-in to make-an-appointment business when the reviews increased to 1000. The Chinese sisters expanded the business from a shop to 3 shops within a year.  This is how powerful the reviews are at Yelp in the United State. You must be wondering what is Yelp. Yelp is a crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site. For more information, check this link. Too often, we will say ‘Let’s Yelp.’or ‘Check the reviews on Yelp.’ when it comes to food search. I personally rely on this mobile app very much when eating out or ordering food. I had a few disappointed and bad experiences because of relying on the reviews. That’s not always the case when the more the reviews, the better the food is. There’re some factors influenced the quality of the reviews, as such, with a check-in, customers will have a free drink/snacks (marketing strategy of the local restaurants), numbers of years of business operations, and the type of targeted customers.

So, after spending more than a year in San Francisco, below are my top 3 favorite Chinese restaurants:

This is my top Chinese restaurant amongst all the Chinese restaurants in San Francisco. I was brought to here because of my local friend’s recommendation. It’s always nice to ask the local Chinese where to get the best and authentic Chinese food in town. The downside of this restaurant is the location. It’s located in Daly City, which is about half an hour drive from downtown San Francisco. It’s inconvenient for people with no cars. However, good food is worth for all the efforts. The reason I ranked this as my top favorite Chinese restaurant due to the freshness of the seafood, the services, the fair amount of food, and the environment. We made the reservation for a table of 10 adults and 2 kids. So we just cut the queue when we headed to the restaurant for dinner, which most of the time, you need to wait. We ordered 10 dishes, 6 out of them were seafood and the rests were veggie, roasted duck, chicken and dessert with a total of $600.00++ . We enjoyed every single dishes, especially the elderly who are very particular on how the seafood was made.

o-1  o

This was through a friend’s recommendation as well. My friends and I went to this restaurant for dim sum. We waited for 30 minutes and its worth for the wait. We had the best dim sum with excellent service. This was my first time seeing a dim sum restaurant with a cart in San Francisco, like those authentic Hong Kong dim sum place where customers can get whatever dim sum they want from that cart. We ordered their signature, the assorted Shanghai dumplings, 4 – 6 dim sums with a plate of fried noodles. They’ve durian cream puff as well (my favorite)! However, I still prefer the durian puff from one of the dim sum restaurants in Chinatown.


  • Spicy King 麻辣一品 (Yelp)

This was through Yelp’s review. My first visit was last year around November. Then after, whenever I crave for spicy food (I meant really spicy), I will go to this restaurant to get my body spice up. The recent visit was last week because of the recommendation from a Chinese from China, he claimed that he can’t live without spices. So, with that in mind, we ordered spicy steam fish, spicy intestine soup, and a sweet veggie dessert for a total of $80++ after tax. Even though it was my fifth visit, I still enjoyed the food a lot and I can keep trying out different dishes. They’re all above expectation!

steam fish     intestine soup This was a bomb!

However, there are still a few dim sum and Chinese restaurants that I wanted to visit as such Ding Tai Fung at San Jose, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan at Embacadero, R&G Lounge at Financial District and Hakkassan at Kearny Street.  By far, these are my top 3 recommendations. If you’re craving for decent and authentic Chinese food, you should pay a visit. If you’ve yours, please do share with me.

What I’ve learnt from moving 7 times in a year

What I've learnt from 7 times moving

These are my house-moving stories during my stay in the United State:

This happened in a month during September 2015. I stayed at 3 different hostels/hotels before I moved to Getaway Apartments, which had become my a-year house, staying with 3 different countries lovely individuals. On June 2016, I moved to East Village, downtown Manhattan for a month due to my studies. I moved out from Gateway Apartments on Sept 20, 2016, due to the end of the lease. Then, I stayed at Bayside Village Apartments with a bunch of warm-hearted Filipinos and Chinese for 2 weeks. Right now, I’m staying in a friend’s studio. In short, I’ve moved to 7 different houses in the past year. 

So, what I’ve learned during this house-moving?

  • Be a minimalist/Keep things as little as you can 

Believe me, it’ so stressful and hassle during this house moving. You need to buy boxes for packing purpose, which, in Malaysia, we can get the boxes for free in any grocery stall. You need to deal with the leasing center for the deposits. You need to get rid off of the inventory in the house -whether you sell and put in the website or give them to your friend. You need to sublet your room when you’re away from the state for few months (unless you’re wealthy that you don’t give a thing on the expensive rental in San Francisco). The most stressful thing was packing the belongings, especially after packing, you realised that you’ve bought a lot of stuff in the past year. I’m overwhelmed with how many packages I had after packing. A year ago, I came to United State with a 29′ checked-in suitcase and a 20′ carry-on luggage. When I moved out from Gateway Apartments, I’ve an additional 24′ suitcase and 3 extra boxes! I read a British article saying that moving house is frequently listed as one of the life’s most stressful tasks than bankruptcy and divorce. I certainly agreed with the stressfulness level of moving house.

  • I’m a master packer

After moving to 7 houses, I’m a master packer, especially packing light for a month. I traveled to Chicago with a 20′ carry-on luggage during last winter for almost a month. I stayed in New York city for a month during summer this year. It was a challenge to pack all the things in a 20’s luggage when you wanted to save the check-in luggage fee  ($25 per luggage, fee can be vary from different airlines and hassle to queue for dropping/picking luggage. I managed to put 15 set of clothes, 5 winter outfits, a pair of heels, winter boots, electronic gadgets and others miscellaneous in a 20′ carry-on luggage.

  • Stay at the right location

Choosing the right location during your stay is essential, especially when you’re not a fan of commuting or you’ve no sense of direction. I spent most of my travelling time in commuting due to the latter reason. I’m grateful that I stayed in the center of the city, where it eases the travelling. When you’re moving to a new house, you’ll meet new housemates/roommates. With that being said, there’s a new house rule set to follow. I’m trained with strong adaptability, flexibility, and consideration. I believe The ‘Secret’ written by Rhonda Byrne that we share the similar traits with the people that we meet. I’m thankful and blessed that I met the nicest and greatest housemates/roommates in these 7 houses (none of them are drama queen/king) and some have become my family here.

The biggest takeaway from all these moving is: I’ve learnt to appreciate what I own and only buy what I’ll use. I’ve gradually rewired my brain to ask myself a few simple question before replacing/buying something:

  1. Is this needs or wants?
  2. What is the return on investment/durability of the things that I want/buy?
  3. What are my major complaints about what I already own? Can I fix these complaints?

What Has America Taught Me


It’s been a year since I came to UnitedState. On Sept 9, 2015, I made the greatest life-changing-decision to come to the greatest America to pursue my dreams. I studied in San Francisco for a year and in between, I did a month study in New York, traveled to Chicago for 3 weeks and not forget to mention some road trips in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arizona, Nevada and some interesting small cities. Throughout the year, I’ve met different folks of life, which some have become my family in United State. Here are 5 things that I personally came to understand and believe in, while living here for a year:

1.  Everyone is unique but not perfect

I’ve been telling everyone here that I am Malaysian Chinese who can speak at least 4 languages. Some are confused with my nationality and ethnicity till now. I’m a Chinese who happen to raise up in Malaysia. I practice the Chinese customs and at the same time, the Malaysia diversity’s cultures. Everyone is unique without exception. However, no one is without flaws. Embrace every single individual that you’ve met. There’s a saying goes like this: There’s a reason to meet these people because they are here to teach and give a valuable life lesson. I’m improving myself at least 1% every day and in a year, 365% in total. I am grateful for all the obstacles in life as they have strengthened me as what am I today.


2.  Be simple & authentic and live happily

Thanks to Hult International Business School because I’ve met at least 40 different countries friends around the world and worked with 25 countries teammates throughout the course. Happiness is found in simple things as such doing what you love, building real and intimate friendships, spending time in nature and traveling with like-minded individuals. It’s the simple things in life that make them extraordinary. Do what makes you happy and don’t tend to follow things that you don’t like or due to peer pressures. Your life counts and it’s up to you to make it counts. So, make the most of it.


3.  Action is the only things that speak

We all make plan. We know planning ahead is important but how many of us are actually executing those plans? Planning is good but so being spontaneous. I used to plan to study abroad in Germany. So, I took a year Deutsche class to learn this beautiful language. However, things don’t turn out to what I had planned. I ended up studying International Marketing in the world’s strongest entrepreneurial spirit state, which leads to an eye-opening life experience. I dreamt on widening my knowledge by studying abroad. I dreamt on exploring the Greatest of America. I dreamt on to be part of the top tier marketing industry in the world. I created and looked for opportunities to pursue my dreams. Opportunities rarely come knocking on the door who is not seeking them. You’ve to create and seek for it by yourself. You’ve to take the initiative to get the ball rolling and the doors will eventually open for you.


4.  Be open-minded and bold

Yes, I do have culture shocks when I first came to United State. The culture in San Francisco is extremely different, especially in a very dynamic and international school. Everyone is friendly and always open to share their experiences and life. You can grab a coffee with the CEO of a company. You can meet mind-alike people in an event. You can shoot an email to someone to learn from through LinkedIn. Life here is so happening that you will be amazed at new thing popping out every single day. Don’t stop stretching yourself and keep yourself open to new thing. You will find life is more interesting when you’re always ready to learn. The secret to youthful living is through flexibility and open-minded. The more flexible you’re, the more you can learn from every single person or thing in life.


5.  Do not give up

I used to think that I’m strong and independent. However, living alone in a new place and out from my comfort zone is not easy. I meant without anyone that I can rely on in this country, no friends at all and I have to start from zero. I still remembered that I moved to 3 different hotels in a month and carried three pieces of luggage from one place to another place without using any services, simply just to save money. I cried over the struggles that I had never experienced back in Malaysia. I pondered upon my decision to study here. I failed and disappointed on some of the heartbroken results. I doubted myself, which leads to low self-esteem and self-confident. It’s my mom who keeps telling me don’t give up and don’t underestimate the capability of myself in coping with obstacles. If I can sail through all these difficulties, I’m a better person than yesterday. I made the decision and I’ve to make it shines.

Everyone life is difficult. Too often, I’s being told that friends are jealous of my life in United State. You’re the storyteller of your life. It’s how you tailor your story and make it extremely interesting. I took this rocky road to become a better person for learning and personal development. I’m continuing this adventures with a welcoming hand. I’ve no idea where am I going to settle down in this coming year but I look forward to explore another wonderful self-explore journey as an adult who is about to start to build her career in United State.


2016 Chinese New Year Celebration

This was my first year celebrating Chinese New Year away from home. I’m blessed that I’ve friends around the globe to celebrate this auspicious festival with. I still missing the celebration with families and friends in Kuching, Malaysia, especially the togetherness moment, the visiting and gambling time. These were how I celebrated my Chinese New Year in San Francisco, United State as an oversea student:

1. 捞生/Yusheng with Malaysians and Apple mates

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016
Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Chinese from China and Malaysians celebrated CNY together.

I went to San Jose to meet some Malaysians who have been staying in the city for years. Thank you, Jetson, a Malaysian alumni for the invitation. We had hot pot/steamboat (that’s how we call in Malaysia/Singapore). The highlight of the night was the yusheng. This is the Chinese practice in Malaysia and Singapore.  For more information, please visit here.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016  Yusheng/ 捞生


2. Volunteering at 佛光山三寶寺, SanBao Temple

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016This was my first time witnessing how paying respect to God works and thank you, Agnes for inviting. I met kind people here, with the same belief.  The pictures beside are the vegetarian’s food made by the shijie/师姐. I’m amazed how they made it so nice, its food art!

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016


3. Dinner with the past and current Hultians from Malaysia and Singapore at Great Eastern Restaurant.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016
The food was good and the price was fair enough for 7 dishes. Obama visited this restaurant before.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

A visit to Nanking

I love this House of Nanking restaurant so much cause of their service and very authentic food! I went with friends who came from different countries (none of them can’t read Chinese words and speak mandarin). If you’re a Chinese speaker, you can ask for a special menu which is more authentic and decent Chinese food. So, I asked for that menu. However, it took us so much time to order due to the fact that I’ve no idea what are the popular dishes of this restaurant. As a result, the chef of the restaurant came to our table and asked us: “Have you come to our restaurant before?” Obviously, the answer is NO! He then replied: “Alright, I will take care of you.” He wrote a list of food that suits our dietary as we have Muslims friends. The food is served very fast and we are so overwhelmed with the food that he ordered for us.

Appetizer -veggie wrap top with sweet sauce . 4/5 stars
Smelly tofu with the spicy sauce. I won’t recommend this if you really want to try smelly tofu. They are not smelly at all and veggie pickles are so different from what I had back  in China and Malaysia. 1/5 star
I adore this sauce so much. If you can take spice (super spicy) , you will definitely love this. I requested more and this caught the attention of the chef. Thus, we had a small chat! 5/5 stars
Fish Head Noodle. This dish is famous for Chinese. This may freak you out but I can assure you that you will like this dish. It made of vermicelli, fried fish, coconut milk, and tofu. 4/5 stars
Curry fish. I don’t really like this but my Indian friend like it so much. 3/5 stars
Stir fried cauliflower with black pepper beef, best with a bowl of rice. 5/5 stars
Shrimp and apple fried with mayo sauce  and butter! This is my favorite dish! According to my non-Chinese friends, this was their first time having shrimp dishes with apple which add a sweet taste to it. They usually have salty taste shrimp dishes. 5/5 stars


Attached here with the interior of the restaurant.

It was the most amazing dining experiences. However, it could be  nicer if the restaurant owner can notify us how many dishes he’d prepared for us. 5 of us having 6 dishes and yet, all of us are not a big eater. So, we left a lot of food. He should have acknowledge us on how many dishes we are going to have for our dinner. I don’t mind to have mystery food if he didn’t tell us what dishes.  It’s really worth the visit and pay. I’m sure I will visit this restaurant next time to try other Chinese dishes. There a dish that I wanted to try so badly- the Hainan Peking duck!

Fun Fact: The chef and waiters are amazed that why I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. They asked me where am I come from, what ethnicity am I and my parent are, what language I used back in hometown and so fourth! I always encounter such questions whenever I speak Chinese or Cantonese to these Chinese when I’m at Chinatown. For them, I don’t look like a Chinese at all. But people outside the Chinatown, they all thought I am Chinese from China.

A Vietnamese Taste

A week ago, my roomie and I are craving for dim sum and we went to Chinatown. Due to the fact that its Sunday (most of the time, all the restaurants are packed with all the Chinese families having breakfast together). One of the Chinese cultures is having breakfast with the family members for every Saturday/Sunday in a roundtable, along with a pot of hot Chinese tea.  So, both of us went to this Golden Flower Vietnamese Restaurant.  Side note: Chinatown not only having Chinese food, they also have Asians restaurants such as Thai, Malaysia, India and so fourth.



The restaurant is always full.
Some of the decorations hanging on the wall. Vietnamese customs is very picky as you need to have a very good Asian body figure in order to look good!


Sweet and Sour Pork & Bun bo thit nuong cha gio (Vermicelli with Grilled Beef and Egg Roll)

I ordered the sweet and sour pork with rice which is one of the top dishes of the restaurant. This restaurant serves Chinese dishes as well. However, I am very disappointed with the taste. This is Chinese cuisine and I am expecting to have a very decent one. It would be nice if the sweetness level can be reduced a little bit. I would give 2 stars out of 5 stars. Whereas my roomie ordered vermicelli with grilled beef and egg roll and this is one of the top dishes of the restaurant as well. It’s pretty nice. This dish deserved 4 stars.

Vietnamese Coffee. You should order this if you’re a coffee lover!


Fun Fact: Most of the Chinese here speaks Cantonese and you know a little of Cantonese, that’s the credit! As an Asian, I can differentiate the Asians based on their attire and the way they speak. 🙂 However, for Non-Asians, they all think that we(Asians) look the same!

ps: All the photos are taken by iPhone 6 and edited by VSCOM.

What The Hell Is This?

Many of us felt disgusting and gross after seeing these animals in Chinatown market. You have no clue that why these animals appear in the Chinatown’s production market? So, who are they and why are they in the market? Let me  introduce you these two edible animals.

920x920Photo credits to www.sfgate.com

This is Chinese edible frog, which commonly referred to as 田雞 (“field chicken”) or 虎皮蛙 (‘tiger-skinned frog’) in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Chinese communities worldwide. Sometimes, they are called East Asian bullfrog or Taiwanese frog. While, it’s scientific name is Hoplobatrachus rugulosus.  In Filipino, they are called “palakang bukid,” which means “frog of the field.”  This Chinese edible frog is large which can up to 12cm (4.7 inches) or more in snout-vent length. Females are larger than males.

They are used by the Chinese to cook frog legs and the Filipinos who cook them using the adobo method. Below are some of the edible Chinese frog food photos:

img maxresdefaultKodok Oh with rice and sambal. Swikee is a Chinese Indonesian frog leg dish, cooked in tauco (fermented soybean paste) soup. Jalan Gajah Mada, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Check this awesome edible frog recipe if you wish try to cook. Some of the restaurants in Chinatown do have this Chinese edible frog in their menu.


1024x1024Photo credits to http://www.sfgate.com

This Chinese softshell turtle is found in China, Taiwan, North Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Russia. It has been introduced to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Timor, Batan Islands, Guam, some of the Hawaiian Islands, California, Massachusetts, and Virginia.  It can reach a carapace length of 1 ft (30 cm). It has webbed feet for swimming. It is called “softshell” because of its carapace lacks horny scutes (scales). The carapace is leathery and pliable, particularly at the sides. Sometimes, it is called pancake turtle.

These turtles are considered a delicacy in many parts of Asia. Turtle soup is made from this species. Turtle soup is soup or stews made from the flesh of the turtle. This dish is viewed as a luxury delicacy in some culture. The green turtle was commonly used for turtle soup in Singapore and The United States. Soup made from the snapping turtle was found mainly in the United States. Chinese and other East Asian cuisines use primarily soft-shelled turtles for turtle soup. In Japan, they may be stewed with hōtō noodles and served as a winter delicacy. Many Koreans, even today, generally have a taboo against eating turtles which has origins in native Korean Shamanism. Turtles are said to increase longevity, reduce heart palpitations, help avoid insomnia, and cure wounds.

Below are some of the Chinese soft-shelled turtle dishes photos: softshelled_turtle_with_cordycepsbf27c8d3e758d1efcae7 (1) softshelled_turtle_with_cordycepsc06d253fafd0364e0c39

Check this recipe out!



The Chinese Senior Citizens

As usual, I do my grocery shopping every Sunday morning at Chinatown, San Francisco. It’s just 15 mins walking distance from my house (yeah, not that far!). The major reason of going Chinatown is EVERYTHING from there is CHEAP! I mean its real CHEAP compared to Safeway, Walgreens, Trader Joe’s and fourth if comparing to the production food. I will post about how cheap it is when you do your grocery shopping in Chinatown in my next few blog posts.

Last Sunday, I took the initiative to stroll around the garden beside The Penang Garden Restaurant. I got attracted by the old Chinese music playing out loud in the garden. The garden is very crowded with Chinese old folks as there is a senior citizen house beside it. These are what I found from the big garden:



The above two photos are yes, they are gambling! The senior citizens here are practising the Hong Kong Chinese gambling style. I was being informed that this is one of the leisure activities of them. Regardless of gender, they will find themselves a group of four to start the poker game. Each of them holding money notes on another hand while the other hand holding poker cards. Surrounded by others old folks who are waiting to play next, these Chinese senior citizens are well-aware of the surrounding as I hardly go into the group and take photos.


A very typical Chinese man looking at mandarin newspaper, who sit on the bench early in the morning. He is not interested in gamble. He just want to spend his quality time reading the materials to know the world regardless how many times he has read already. I think he would love to have a cup of Chinese tea while he is reading his materials.


This Chinese senior citizen caught my camera as I think he is very stylist. He sits on the bench watching people around without entertaining his friends who pass-by.


These two senior citizens are practising Taiji while selling magazine.


The Chinese senior citizens are doing taiji. Taiji (太极) is originally from China and it is an internal martial art. People here called this taiji as “medication in motion.” It is believed that it has value in treating or preventing many health problems. To know more about the benefits of practising Taiji, click this link as it provides a very informative information on Taiji.


I love this photo the most. So lovely! Sitting side by side, sharing about the past, mesmerizing the good old times, I wish I could listen to their stories.

Fun fact: Chinese senior citizens here speak Cantonese and they hardly understand mandarin. So, if you wish to talk to them, practise your Cantonese first or else, you wont be entertained.

ps: All the photos are taken by iphone 6 and edited by  VSCOM.

The Hidden Chinese Murals in Chinatown San Francisco

I got to know about the street painting or street murals in these recent years due to Ernest Zacharevic (check him out for his biography), who came to Penang, Malaysia in the year 2012. Then after, his street arts created a buzz to the tourism industry and the murals became a cultural landmarks to the local and foreign tourists just to take photographs with these street arts. Click here to know more about the murals in Malaysia.

While for San Francisco, it can be very easy to miss this awesome wall arts by the street artists especially in the bustling life of Chinatown. I’m attracted by these wonderful pieces when I go for my grocery shopping every week. These murals breathes life into a concrete city and they seems to be projected a different meaning of Chinese here.

Here are my favourite murals in this lovely town.IMG_0643In Progress by Mel Waters
Location: Washington St. and Grant Ave
(My top favourite mural)

IMG_0737Gold Mountain by Francisco Aquino
Location: Sacramento St & Grant Ave
IMG_0728Ping Yuen Mural by Darryl Mar
Location: Stockton St and Pacific Ave
IMG_0732Ross Alley 1889 by Francisco Aquino
Grant Street and Clay Street

Attached here with the murals photos that i’ve took from Chinatown. Hope you do enjoy watching this video!

To know about the the murals in San Francisco, please do visit this awesome site. Enjoy this adventurous street art e-tour if you’re interested in cultural and arts.

ps: All the photos are taken by iphone 6 and edited by  VSCOM.